• Find Leading Measures

    Help teams and organizations find the right measures to see different dimensions of performance

  • Coach Balance

    Help teams balance competing needs and identify the warning signs of overdoing any one performance dimension at the expense of others

  • Drive Outcomes

    Rather than just reacting to declining metrics and missing OKRs, learn how to CAUSE desired outcomes to come true by presenting data that matters.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from the instructor - introduction

    2. How to use this course

    3. Workbook and Downloads (materials)

    4. Where to ask questions and continue the discussion...

    5. Before we begin...

    1. Theory: Why do we measure?

    2. Exercise: What charts and dashboards do you currently have?

    3. Theory: Golden Rules of Measuring (people and performance)

    4. Exercise: Audit your current charts based on the rules

    1. What Do You Measure Now for Process/Team Performance Purposes?

    2. Theory/How To: Finding Opposing Performance Dimensions (balanced performance)

    3. Exercise: Find Your Opposing Dimensions

    4. How To: Finding Leading Measures for Each Dimension

    5. Exercise: Finding Your Leading Measures for Each Dimension

    6. Debrief/Key Points: Finding Leading Measures

    7. Team Dashboard Example - A pre-built team flow metric dashboard

    1. Theory: Talking Trends and Balance to Friends

    2. Exercise: Prioritizing Dimensions for Teams' Context

    3. Theory: Polarity Management Introduction

    4. How To: Facilitating Finding Early Warning Signs for Dimensions

    5. Exercise: Early Warning Signs for Dimensions

    6. Debrief/Key Points: Coaching with Polarities

    1. Theory: Data-Driven Outcomes

    2. How To: The ODIM Model for Data-Driven Outcomes

    3. Debrief/Key Points: Achieving Outcomes with Data using ODIM

    4. Example ODIMs and the Charts they Generated

    1. DORA Metrics

    2. Flow Framework

    3. Typical Scrum Metrics

Practical Data-Driven Improvement and Outcomes

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  • 32 lessons
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See and Improve Team Performance; Drive Outcomes that Matter.


Troy Magennis


Troy Magennis is an IT professional and executive, having helped deliver valuable software to customers at scale since 1994. In 2011 he founded Focused Objective, the leader and trusted brand for Agile metrics and probabilistic forecasting. He regularly keynotes at conferences, eager to share his passion for using data in better ways to improve business outcomes. Previous clients include Walmart, Microsoft, Skype, Sabre Airline Solutions, Siemens Healthcare. Troy currently consults and trains organizations wanting to improve decision-making for IT through Agile and Lean thinking and tools, applying Scrum and Lean techniques appropriately, and where they are going to make this most significant benefit through quantitative rigor.