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Tools and Resources and Articles

We build a lot of tools when we consult. Here is a sampling of our most popular tools and resources that you can use for free. We just ask that you don't remove any credit or license they contain and pass them onto your friends. We, of course, use these tools in our workshops so if you want to learn how to use them, consider registering.


Online Calculators

Here is a set of online articles that help understand the mathematics behind Agile. We add to these all the time and would like to hear ideas you have for more.

How much improvement do I get by adding more teams or people?

Story Point Velocity or Throughput Forecasting - Does it matter?

Understanding Optimal Batch Size

How Does Utilization Impact Lead-time of Work?

Impact of Multiple Team Dependencies in Software Development

MORE - Agile data notebooks and calculator articles...

Forecasting and Metric Spreadsheets

To be honest, you probably know us because of our spreadsheet tools. Thats OK, but now consider training :)

Throughput Forecaster: I want to forecast how long a single feature may take <=== UPDATED (announced on ProductHunt)

Multiple Feature Cut Line Forecaster: I want to forecast multiple features at once

Team Dashboard: I want to quickly create an team dashboard

Skill and Capability Survey and Matrix: I want to quickly survey teams to understand skill constraints

Time Series Forecasting for Demand

MORE - A lot more on our GitHub repo ....

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Cognitive Biases and Data

Avoid judging people

Six Forecasting Fails

Five Work Items to Capture - what data to capture / Cycle time and lead time definitions / Cycle Time Adjustment Spreadsheet

The six performance dimensions / Our Data isn't clean enough / Team Dashboard Spreadsheet

Do story points matter? / Do work items need to be the same size to forecast


Modeling and Simulating Software Development Projects NOTE: Very out of date!

Forecasting using Data NOTE: Medium book on probbilistic forecasting

Simulation Application

KanbanSim and ScrumSim Application - just download and unzip, requires Windows (just get a free VM on Amazon or Azure and simulate there)

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