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Private (and custom) in-house training

We often tailor our workshops to solve specific in-house problems. We can work with you to create an agenda and delivery style that promotes learning and teamwork.

Customize our workshops to suit your company.

Custom in-house workshops

Schedule in-house private training. We provide a set of session topics and work with you on planning the most relavent content an exercises. You provide the venue. We provide the material and expertise.

As our workshops are very exercise based, in-house training can be performed as part of doing your work. For example, if you are going to prioritize and forecast work for an upcoming period, we will use YOUR work in forecasting and prioritization exercises.

Typically, it works like this -

  1. You contact us by clicking on the button below and we schedule a call
  2. We discuss the learning outcomes you want, the size and mix of the groups and when you would like training delivered
  3. We provide a draft agenda and work with you to tailor it
  4. When you are happy, we schedule and deliver the training

How much does it cost? US$5,000 per day for first 10 people + US$500 per person after that + travel

On-site or Remote Consulting

We do a lot of consulting. All of our workshop material is based on work we have practiced during engagements. We are happy to provide references from prior clients. Every engagement is different, but here are some typical formats we have done in the past:

  1. Designing and rolling out metric dshbords across teams and an organization
  2. Flight Level Architecture interaction design: How to manage the flow and co-ordination of work across multiple teams
  3. Facillitation (or assistance) with planning activities
  4. Performing (or assisting) Forecasting and planning

How much does it cost? US$5,000 per day + travel

Contact us about consulting or running a private onsite course

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