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Introduction to Flight Levels

Introduction to Flight Levels with a self-paced learning course


Introduction to Flight Levels is a self-paced learning course that helps you understand

  • WHY organizations can tremendously improve their Business Agility by using Flight Levels;
  • WHAT organizations are doing, when they apply Flight Levels in their context.

Included in the price is a live check-in appointment with top Flight Levels experts: Discuss your specific questions with Klaus Leopold, Cliff Hazell, and other Flight Levels Guides.

Why take this course?

  • Have you experienced the pain of ineffective Digital and Agile transformations
  • Leading a transformation that you would like to succeed in? 
  • We explore the common failures, what causes them, and the good news of how you can prevent these problems and be successful. 
  • You are the expert on your own company. You know its strengths and weaknesses. While there are common patterns, every company is different, and that difference is important.  We can help you see the opportunity in the challenge, by focusing attention and asking helpful questions.

What people are saying

“This was one of the best online courses I ever had. The excercises in between have been great to reflect and get a new view on how the agile journey can be improved. Thanks Klaus and Cliff for this great training”

Muna A

“This is a wonderful training to start with the topic and it leaves me in a mood where I want to learn and know more of this stuff. Love it!”

Rudolph G

“Excellent overview in a nutshell. Course provides a general understanding of flight levels. Good excercises. Really nice question and answer session at the end of that course.”

Slawomir B

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Why Flight Levels?
  • The Search for Causes
  • First Solutions
  • How Flight Levels works
  • How and where to get started
  • Checkin, Debriefing, and Open Questions

Depending on your chosen speed you will need about 3 to 6 hours for this course if you complete it in one go. We recommend that you allow yourself several days and reflect on the exercises with colleagues.

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