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Practical Metrics and Data Driven Coaching Essentials (online)

Learn how to capture, display, and coach Agile teams and organizations using data


The online hands-on workshop (using Zoom and  teaches the essential factors around measuring and coaching using data for Agile software development. Working in small groups, you will learn and practice how to build and mentor others using team data. We go beyond the basics of velocity and throughput.

This workshop is run monthly, with 2 x 3-hour sessions on adjacent days. You can split sessions across months (do day 1 this month and day 2 next month), and join again in subsequent months to make sure you understand the material. You will also get a recording of the workshop so you can listen again if English isn't your preferred language,

You will learn -

  • Good versus evil use of data (some rigid rules)
  • How to read the current Agile charts available in tools (scatterplots, burn-up/downs, CFD's, etc)
  • The goals of measurement and a simple way to know why some charts and data are more important than others
  • What to measure and why - The "What, so what, now what" and Outcome-Driven process for designing metrics and data visualizations
  • Visualization theory - getting people to see the right things
  • Six-dimensions of performance and how they interact
  • Coaching using "Polarities"
  • Building a team dashboard and coaching using it (starting with mine, ending with your own)

By the end of this workshop, you will have a clear understanding of what data to capture, how to present it to others, and how to predict the outcomes that will occur when others use it.  This goes beyond charts and into the essential psychology of achieving predictable outcomes.

You will need:

1. An internet connection and the ability to use (the communications tool)

2. An internet connection and the ability to join our shared whiteboard group on

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