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Team Metrics: Using the Team Dashboard Spreadsheet

This two-hour power-session discusses getting started and using the Team Dashboard spreadsheet offered for free by Focused Objective.


Learn how to use the  Team Dashboard spreadsheet to give teams a set of flow metrics without the hassle of managing a more complicated tool or process - you only need the story and defect start dates and finish dates. Join to hear the way this spreadsheet helps support and coach teams on how to spot flow issues, and visibly see the impact of process changes targeted by that team. By the end of this session, you will be able to set up, know what data to capture, how to interpret the charts and explain this to others. 


  1. Downloading and getting running
  2. Flow metrics 101
  3. Introduction to the Team Dashboard
  4. What do each of the charts mean
  5. Data capture good practices
  6. Excel compatibility
  7. Q & A

Learning objectives

  • How to get the spreadsheet
  • What every input means on this spreadsheet
  • The typical data capture and facilitation of teams using this dashboard
  • How to read and coach using each of the 20 different chart types
  • How to spot leading indicators and adverse trends in the dashboard
  • What settings you can change and what you shouldn't
  • Known limitations on different Excel and Google Sheets versions

About the Team Dashboard Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet generates over 20 charts from historical teams' data using just the Start Date, the Completed Date, and Type of stories or cards. The charts and dashboard computed covers all of the general flow-based metrics and some metrics you probably haven't seen before.

You can download it here for free:

Team Dashboard Spreadsheet Screenshot


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